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5 Ways Plasma Donations Save Lives

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5 Ways Plasma Donations Save Lives

Not everyone feels that they have the time to regularly volunteer, or the money to donate, to their favorite charity. There’s one way that many of us can make a significant impact on the community–by giving a small amount of something we are born with–plasma.

Plasma centers are vital to the community’s health. They are critical to the healthcare industry, particularly in the treatment of burns and trauma, where plasma products have been used to treat patients in need throughout the U.S. and 50 countries worldwide. In addition, plasma donors play an essential role in the state of health care worldwide.

The good news is that many people may freely contribute numerous times over their lifetime. Plasma donations are more needed than ever, owing to a drop in contributions during the epidemic.

Here are five ways that plasma donations help save lives: 

1. Plasma Saves Lives on the Battlefield and in Trauma

We all know that blood donation saves and improves the quality of people’s lives. But did you know that the Plasma from these blood donations is often used to treat trauma injuries on the battlefield? Non-blood products, such as platelets, plasma, and cryoprecipitate, are usually administered to trauma and burn victims immediately after an injury. Even if a blood transfusion is needed, Plasma is often the first product used.

2. Plasma Donations Are Used to Treat Patients with Bleeding Disorders

Plasma-derived factor concentrates are used to treat hemophilia and other bleeding disorders. Plasma replaces missing or low factor VIII or factor IX levels and helps prevent bleeding in patients.

3. Plasma Donations Help Make Life-Saving Vaccines

Plasma-derived vaccines and medicines are used to prevent and treat potentially fatal infectious diseases and cancers, including hepatitis B, chickenpox, shingles, tetanus, hepatitis A, measles, rabies, and breast and prostate cancer.

4. Plasma Donations Save Lives in Many Ways

Plasma is used to strengthen patients with platelet-poor Plasma. It is used to support blood cell production in patients who donate bone marrow; in patients with rare blood types, plasma transfusion provides life-saving support. In addition, Plasma is used to make albumin, immune globulin, and other protein-based drugs.

5. Plasma Protein Treatments Save Lives by Treating Burns and Trauma

Plasma protein therapies help to stop bleeding, speed healing, prevent infection, and reduce the need for blood transfusions. 

How and Where Can I Donate Plasma in the U.S.

A large number of people are qualified to give plasma. Talk to your local center to find out which donations are right for you. You must be healthy and weigh at least 110 lbs. and be at least  If you are under 18, you must have parental or guardian consent. If you’re under 18, a parent or guardian must accompany you.

When donating Plasma, a little sample of your blood is taken via phlebotomy. Donation is a straightforward procedure. Before donating, you will get a mini-physical before a  qualified employee will use a needle to collect your Plasma.

A plasma facility accepts plasma donations for cash. Several facilities accept safe plasma donations with systems in place to ensure donor safety.


Become a plasma donor and help your community. Plasma donation impacts our society and is often a life-saving decision. 

Deciding to give Plasma is a selfless act that allows you to save a life and feel good about yourself. Whether you’re giving your Plasma for financial gain or want to help save a life, you are making a difference in your community.

Discover how you can help save lives by donating Plasma at a location near you. Learn the different ways that Plasma can help save lives, and make a difference.

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