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Be a Hero Today: 3 Reasons You Should Consider Donating Plasma


You’ve probably heard many commercials about donating blood. But did you know you can also donate plasma?

Plasma is a life-saving source of vital medication and can be used to treat numerous diseases, including burns, cancer, and arthritis, just to name a few. Not only is it helping those with severe medical conditions; it’s also making it possible for thousands of patients with leukemia and immune deficiencies to be treated with essential medications that keep them healthy and allow them to lead normal lives.

High Demand, Low Supply

Plasma donations are lower than usual due to the global pandemic and the rising worldwide demand for medicine developed from plasma. Therefore, the need for plasma is higher than ever. It is also expected to grow as more rare diseases are identified, and more patients are diagnosed. 

Are You Qualified to Donate?

The good news is, a lot of people are eligible to donate plasma. You only need to be at least 18 years of age, weigh at least 110 pounds, and pass the required donor eligibility criteria, then you’re good.

Additionally, you cannot have had a tattoo or body piercing in the last 12 months. You must be free of infections, including hepatitis A, B, C, HIV, syphilis, and anything you have had in the last year.

Moreover, you must be free of diseases, including tuberculosis, Chagas, glaucoma, optic neuritis, or epilepsy. You cannot have or have had an organ transplant.

In that sense, all healthy individuals who are eligible to donate their plasma can do so, regardless of their gender, color, religion, disability, and sexual orientation. 

Why Donate Plasma?

1. You Can Help Save Lives

Plasma is the clear, golden-colored liquid portion of blood. After blood is collected, plasma is separated from cells and other blood components and is often used to treat severe medical conditions.

Your plasma donation helps save lives because it contains particular medicines called proteins and enzymes. Plasma proteins can be used to treat burn victims and people with severe allergies. Plasma-derived medicines are used to treat leukemia and immune deficiencies.

2. It’s Easy and Quick

Donating plasma is a relatively quick and straightforward process. You can donate plasma every two weeks, and most donations take less than 60 minutes. Plasma donations are painless and require little prep. 

3. You Get a Life-Changing Experience

When you donate plasma, you are saving lives. Not only will you feel good knowing you are making a significant difference in someone’s life, but you will also be paid for your time. Not many other jobs can allow you to make money while helping others.

Here’s what you can do to be able to donate plasma:

  • Go to the donor center
  • Eat a healthy meal
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Get plenty of sleep
  • Drive yourself there
  • Bring your donor card
  • Complete the donor screening process
  • Donate blood

Ready to Donate?

Plasma donation is the process of extracting certain proteins from your blood, which can be used in life-saving treatments for people with certain immunodeficiencies and hemophilia. It is also used in producing life-saving medications. So, if you’re eligible and willing, don’t think twice about saving a life through donating your plasma.

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