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What to Keep In Mind When You Become a Plasma Donor

Plasma is very versatile as it can help in boosting a patient’s chances of recovering from certain conditions and deficiencies. Although it can be an extremely helpful resource, a person’s supply of it can really dwindle due to traumatic events or diseases that will affect their blood volume and clotting.

If you have the means to, donating plasma can help save a person’s life. It can seem a little daunting at first, but there are just a few things that you have to keep in mind before becoming a dedicated plasma donor. Here’s what you should remember off of the top of your head.

Eat Good Foods

Food is something that can directly impact the condition of your plasma, dictating whether it would be good to donate or not. The main things that you always need to have in your diet are protein and iron. Having fruits, vegetables, and certain red meat can make your plasma ideal for other people, especially right before the actual donation appointment. 

Aside from increasing your protein intake regularly, try to be conscious about what you shouldn’t eat. Sodium and fat are generally bad for plasma, so try to avoid any junk food that can clog your blood flow and stop you from donating. 

Stick With Water

If there’s anything that’s important to consume aside from vitamin-rich food, it’s definitely going to be water. Plasma is predominantly made up of water, so it’s important to increase your intake and stay hydrated up until the donation appointment. Room temperature water would be ideal as anything extremely hot or cold can affect your body’s temperature.

Be sure to prepare a bottle of water for after the donation as well. Most plasma donors will feel quite dehydrated after having their own plasma reduced. Be sure to replenish your own personal supply too.

Refrain From Stress

It’s important to be aware of the possible fatigue after donating your plasma at an appointment. For first-time donors, it can also be a little odd to feel that depletion in your own energy and capabilities. Be sure to take it easy after donating.

Recovery shouldn’t take too long if you just give yourself lots of time to just rest. Try to refrain from any strenuous activities like lifting or boxing that will physically stress and tax you. Just a day or two, and you’ll get right back on your feet.

Avoid Your Vices

Although donating plasma means helping another person’s health, try to focus on yours first. Regularly intaking tobacco and alcohol isn’t very ideal to indulge in as a plasma donor. You aren’t prohibited from taking it completely, but be sure to be specific about when you take it.

It isn’t advisable to smoke or drink anything alcoholic right before and after the plasma donation, as it can have consequences on your well-being. Try to wait at least a couple of hours before engaging in that habit again.


Keeping these tips in mind can help you prepare for the before and after of your plasma donation appointment. It can be quite a leap, but knowing that becoming a donor can help you save a person’s life. 

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