Have you previously received anthrax vaccine?

You can earn over $1500 in 6 weeks by donating your life-saving plasma in our new Specialty Plasma Program

People who have received anthrax vaccine often have special antibodies in their plasma. These antibodies are needed to produce a life-saving medication called anthrax immune globulin (AIG) which can be used to treat others who have been exposed to anthrax. This medication can only be made using antibodies found in human plasma. You are needed!

Have you previously received anthrax vaccine?

Make sure that you bring your

Valid photo ID

Social Security Card

Immunization records

that include your anthrax vaccination history

If you have never received anthrax vaccine and would like to participate in our AIG Program and earn over $1400 in AIG donor fees, we do have something for you too:

To qualify for this program:

Participating donors earn over $1400 for the 3 immunizations and the 8 AIG plasma donations… and this is in addition to thousands of dollars in Normal donor fees!

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