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Save lives, make money, be part of our community. Find out how easy and safe blood plasma donation is.

Become A Donor
Become A Donor

Want to Become a Donor?

Visit us and make sure you meet the following requirements



Be between 18 and 65 years old



Weigh at least 110 lbs



A current valid (not expired) government-issued identification card.



A social security card or a recent W2 that has your social security number.



A piece of mail that you have received with a postmark within 60 days of your visit. We also accept online or electronic bills.



Make sure to allow enough time to donate, as your first plasma donation can take up to 2 hours. After your first donation, plasma donations take about 1 hour to complete.

How Plasma Donation Works

Just walk into our center during business hours. No appointment necessary! We welcome new plasma donors right up to the last second we’re open!

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Become a Donor

Why Donate?
Plasma Donations Can Save Lives

Human plasma contains proteins and antibodies that help maintain important functions throughout your body, including fighting infections and preventing excessive bleeding.

Throughout the world, thousands of people suffer from life-altering diseases that directly impede their ability to fight infections or control bleeding. As a result, these people depend on plasma donations to live a healthy and happy life.

Your plasma donation is used to make therapies for serious illnesses such as hemophilia and many immune deficiency diseases.

Why Donate? Plasma Donations Can Save Lives

Get to Know Our NexSys PCS Machine

We are proud to use the NexSys PCS® plasma collection system provided by Haemonetics®. This machine allows us to increase plasma collection, decrease wait times and improve your donor experience.

Get to Know Our NexSys PCS Machine

What Is the Plasma Donation Process?


We will walk you through the plasma donation process and explain how the plasma donation machine operates.


We will perform a venipuncture on your arm.


The donation process takes 35-45 minutes


Once complete, we disconnect you from the machine and you’re all set!

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