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How to Overcome Your Fear of Needles to Donate Blood

Hospitals are always in need of blood donations to extend the lives of patients suffering from serious medical issues and help them recover faster.

While nobody likes the idea of getting blood taken, some people genuinely fear needles. If you’re one of them, don’t worry because you are not alone. This fear is among the top 10 fears in the United States, and around 50 million Americans suffer from an extreme fear of needles. This can disrupt crucial medical procedures and even routine health maintenance, from getting annual flu shots to donating blood.

For people who want to make a plasma donation but fear needles, there are ways to overcome that fear. Here are things that you can do so you can still donate blood:

Mental Preparation

Relaxation and distraction are two of the most effective ways to get rid of fear, both of which will help you when donating blood. As soon as you wake up in the morning, begin to prepare yourself for the blood donation process mentally. Watch a movie or your favorite TV show, listen to music, check out the catalog of fashion magazines at the blood bank, or do a crossword puzzle.


If you’re donating blood after a meal, make sure you eat a good meal before your appointment. Having a full stomach will help reduce your blood pressure and make donating easier. Don’t drink too much liquid before the donation. Drinking a lot of fluid an hour or two before your appointment will make you feel like you need to go to the bathroom.

If possible, drink a little bit of water an hour before the donation process. Just be careful not to overdo it. The ideal amount of liquid you should drink before donating blood is 12 ounces.

Knowing What to Expect

If you know what to expect, you’ll be less frightened of the process.

If you’ve never donated blood, ask about the process of phlebotomy. Ask about what you can expect during the donation process and what to avoid ahead of time.

If you’ve donated blood before, think back to your last experience. Think about what it was like going to the donation center, how the process of getting your blood taken felt and how much it hurt. Then compare your previous experience to the next time you donate blood.

Getting Help

If going to a blood donation center is too stressful for you, ask for help from your family members or friends. Have a friend or family member accompany you so you can feel less alone. If you’re still worried about the needle, have that person hold your hand.

This will help you relax and see them reassuringly looking at you, which will calm your nerves.

After the donation, if you’re still feeling nervous, talk to your friends and family members so they can offer some support.


No one likes needles, but they’re a necessity when it comes to blood or plasma donation. If you fear needles, the best thing to do is mentally prepare yourself ahead of time and then distract yourself during the blood donation process.

Donating blood is important because it can help extend people’s lives. If you can donate blood, you’re making a difference in someone else’s life. 

If you want to make a plasma donation, thplasma welcomes you to our community. Check our site today to find out if you meet the requirements and become a plasma donor today!